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Hewitt Jones: Angels of Creation /Org
Artnr: ENC 10018
Kategori: Orgel
Kombination : Orgel/Solo

Pris: 225,00 kr
Lagerstatus: Lagervara

Thomas Hewitt Jones

Reflecting on angels, both as God's messengers and also as bringers of great joy, Angels of Creation is a jubilant organ
piece, intended to create a rousing emotional experience for performer and listener alike.

The overall tone of Angels of Creation is one of extreme anticipation and excitement. The principal thematic material,
based around a triplet motif, is developed, elongated and altered over the entire course of the piece, right through to
a jubilant coda. In addition, building on the idea that, while some angels remained loyal to God others rebelled, a sense
of playfulness and possible rebelliousness is introduced. This is achieved by the occasional infusion of what might be
called 'lighter' touches of added-note harmony that vary the colour and mood of the work. In the closing, euphoric
coda, all the preceding thematic strands of Angels of Creation are woven together to create a rhapsodic climax that
aims to evoke an irresistible sense of optimistic resolve.