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Real Rhythm Cards Set
Kategori: Music Mind Games
Kombination : MMG/Separata art.

Pris: 980,00 kr
Lagerstatus: Lagervara

Ingår i Music Mind Games produktserie

Specifics of the set:

* Real rhythm cards - 40 cards, 11" x 2.85" make 144 cards when cut apart
* One tri-fold custom-made binder, 7.5" x 12" with pockets for the real rhythm cards
* 8-page Real Rhythm Cards Ideas booklet with article: Blue Jello: A delicious Way To Study Rhythm, tips for using the cards and 6 games of varying levels that incorporate the materials listed above.
* Time signature cards - two sets of 14 two-sided cards
* 20 gold coins
* 100 magic notes
* Organza bag

The real rhythm cards set consists of real rhythm cards, time signature cards, the Real Rhythm Cards Ideas booklet, gold coins and magic notes. The real rhythm cards are unique since the length of each card shows the relative value of the notes and rests. There are two sets of 14 different time signature cards. The set includes a custom binder so it easy and efficient to organize and use the cards. Gold coins and magic notes complete the set and are used to reinforce the rhythm math values of the cards.

Real rhythm cards and time signature cards provide a versatile means to study rhythm and meter and learn the relative values of notes and rests. They are used in games to help students understand note and rest values and during individual lessons when students encounter tricky rhythms. There are multiple copies of cards to write rhythms, play games and take rhythmic dictation.

The cards can be used with all levels of students: beginning, intermediate and advanced. They are designed to be used by teachers as well as by students (and parents) in practice sessions. Combined with the Blue Jello vocabulary found on the back of each card, the real rhythm cards can help solve the mysteries of rhythm with joyful learning based in self-discovery.