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Puppy Plus
Kategori: Music Mind Games
Kombination : MMG/Hela set

Pris: 395,00 kr
Lagerstatus: Lagervara

Tilläggs-set till Puppy Packet

Have you enjoyed your Puppy Packet and now you are ready for more? Puppy Plus (ages pre-K - adult) is ready. There are three decks of game cards, teaching tips and guide cards. These materials are ideal for one student, small groups or classroom situations. Like the Puppy Packet, Puppy Plus materials are used individually or in combination in games that will hold the attention of young children, provide a support system for school-age students, guide parents and provide teachers with many clever ideas for teaching useful music reading and theory skills. They have been meticulously designed by Michiko Yurko with the assistance of trained Music Mind Games teachers. Puppy Plus includes the following materials:

Blue Jello Cards - Set 2
Music Symbol Cards - Set 2
Notes and Rests Cards