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Panda Rhythm Pack (2)
Artnr: MMG-P2R
Kategori: Music Mind Games
Kombination : MMG/Hela set

Pris: 2895,00 kr
Lagerstatus: Lagervara

Fr.o.m. 2018-10-05 innehåller Panda Rhythm Pack även 1x BIG BLUE JELLO SET 2

The Panda 2 Rhythm Pack is making it's debut with two materials that can also be ordered individually:

* blue jello rhythm puzzles
* rhythm bingo cards
* big blue jello cards
* real rhythm cards set
* blue jello word cards
* Music Mind Games handbook
* magic note bag
* Music Mind Games monogrammed tote bag

The real rhythm cards set and magic note bag are now included in the Panda Rhythm Pack.

The Panda 2 Rhythm Pack materials are used for teaching students (ages preK - adult) in a variety of group settings. They are used for beginning, intermediate and advanced games. They can be used individually, in combination with each other or with materials from the Puppy Packet. They will hold the attention of young children, provide a support system for all ages of music students, and offer teachers many clever ideas for teaching useful music reading and theory skills. These materials have been meticulously designed by Michiko Yurko with the assistance of trained Music Mind Games teachers and successfully tested around the world since 1992.